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What kind of people does The Security Information Agency need?

While performing duties from the Security-Information Agency jurisdiction, its members come across tasks, which demand special qualities and characteristics necessary for successfully meeting high demands of this job.

We are open to welcome people who are:

  • Determined to apply all their abilities and professional knowledge to protect the security of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Ethically and personally integrated, which makes them worthy of power given to them.
  • Of high intellectual potentials, degree and level of education, which would enable them to deal with the complexity of everyday tasks and give them an advantage in comparison to potential opponents.
  • Reliable, responsible and loyal so that other people can always rely on them.
  • Conscious of the moment, position within the international surrounding and the security challenges that lay ahead the Republic of Serbia and its citizens.
  • Daring enough to face some of the most important issues that we, as a country, have to deal with, and wishing to, within especially serious historical circumstances, significantly contribute to the accomplishment of national interests.
  • Accepting challenge by performing exciting, dynamic, interesting, unordinary, but at the same time extremely responsible duties.
  • Self-confident, trusting their own capacities and competence, but also ready to learn and adopt new skills and knowledge.
  • Dynamic, initiative, independent at work, but also having high level of self-control, tact and balance.
  • Equable, calm, and capable to solve problems under pressure and to make clever decisions in critical situations.
  • Quick-witted, adaptable, flexible and creative in their approach to various situations they might face.
  • Endowed with social skills and abilities to work with people: communicative, talkative, convincing, incisive, and not less important able to listen, pertaining to jobs, which efficiency directly depends on how successful you are in contact with people.

If you are of the opinion that you have the above-mentioned qualities and skills, please send your CV to the following email: