Frequently asked questions

What are the basic activities of BIA?

BIA gathers and processes information that concern the protection of security of the Republic of Serbia, detects, and prevents activities directed against undermining and disturbing the constitutional order of the Republic of Serbia (see Article 2 of the Law on BIA).

Who controls activities of the Agency?

BIA activities are controlled by the National Assembly and Government of the Republic of Serbia. (see Chapter IV of the Law of BIA), as well as by courts and the public.

How can citizens recognize members of BIA?

Members of BIA have official identity cards with the "Security Information Agency's" sign, identification number and photo (photos of official identity cards).

Do the members of BIA carry weapons?

Yes, but only those members having status of person with full or limited authorization with written permission for carrying weapons on the back of their identity cards.

Does BIA have agents?

BIA is authorized to use services of individuals for the activities and benefit of the Agency (see Article 10 of the Law on BIA). Agent can be a person older than 18 years, with foreign, domestic citizenship or without citizenship, who is prepared to cooperate consciously, continuously and in secrecy, with the aim to protect the security of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens.

How can one get authorization for the interception of communications?

According to the Law, BIA can intercept communications only with the previously obtained written decision of the Higher Court in Belgrade and the Authorization of the Agency Director (see Articles 9, 14 and 15 of the Law on BIA), i. e. upon the order of the judge for the preliminary proceedings in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Who can become a member of BIA?

Formally, every citizen of Serbia older than 18 years, physically and mentally healthy, against whom no charges have been brought and who meets the requirements for the job he/she applies for (see Agents personal profile).