The report on the oversight of the Security Information Agency regarding the use of covert surveillance 

27. November 2018.

When conducting the covert search, BIA acts in accordance with the Constitutional Guarantee of Inviolability of the Home. BIA conducts covert searches as stipulated by by-laws of the Agency and upon the decision of the Director. The covert search has to be regulated by law and conducted only upon the decision of the court or some other body, independent from the Security Information Agency. The knowledge of BIA officers, as well as the internal control, have to be improved, so as not to exceed the existing decision during the covert search. In is necessary to revise and improve the interpretation of the term „xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx“  in the work of BIA, in accordance with the constitutional guarantees of human rights and the values of democratic society. It is necessary to improve procedures and IT programs in order to reduce the possibility of abuse and the occurrence of mistakes during the administrative processing of documents.         
The  fulfilling  of  legal  obligations  of BIA (allowing access  to  premises  and  data,  talks  with  the management and the members), as well as the overall cooperation with the Protector of Citizens during oversight have been implemented in accordance with the best European experiences in this field.  
 For more details, please see the attached document.