Request for access to information

Information on submitting the request for access to information


Request to access information of public importance contained in the document held by the Agency, which are the result of the Agency’s work or are related to it, can be submitted to the Agency in one of the following ways:

        In written form, to the mailing address: “Security-Information Agency, Belgrade, bb Kraljice Ane St.”, or by handing it over at the reception desk;

        By email, to the address;

        In oral form, on the minutes at the Agency’s Headquarters, from 9am til 4pm, on working days,

•        By fax no. 011/3671-720.

In compliance with provisions of the Law on free access to information of public importance ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 120/2004, 54/2007, 104/2009 and 36/2010):

•        Request must contain the name or title of an applicant, applicant’s address and the information needed, described as precisely as possible.

•        A reason for asking for the said information does not have to be stated in the Request.

•        Request can ask for: inquiry whether the authority holds the information needed, inquiry whether the said information is available or not, access to document containing the needed information and delivery of a copy of the said document containing the information.

•        With reference to exercising this right, the authority can only charge for expenses of duplication and for sending the copy of the document containing the needed information, in compliance with the Regulation and the Bill of Costs established by the Government, and not other possible expenses that the authority might have in reference to acting on the said request. However, the Agency, so far, has charged neither for the expenses of duplication nor for the expenses for delivering the requested documents.   

•        The Agency is obliged to act on the said request without delay and not later than 48 hours, 15 days or up to 40 days, depending on the type of information needed. Obligation for the said information to be delivered “without delay”, аnd not later than 48 hours, is valid when the needed information refers to issues significant for life and health of people. The Agency will provide all other information not later than in 15 days. As an exception, when it is not possible to grant the request within 15 days, the Agency will inform the applicant about that not later than seven days from the reception of the request, and at the same time will inform the applicant within what period it will comply with the said request. The additional deadline can not be later than 40 days.

•        The Agency is obliged either to enable access to the information, or to issue a Decision completely or partially revoking the said request for reasons stipulated by the Law on free access to information of public importance.

•        In case the Decision revoking the request is issued, i.e. that before the mentioned deadlines the said Decision is not issued or the request is not granted, the applicant is entitled to file a complaint to the Commissioner for information of public importance and personal data protection, not later than 15 days from the day of the delivery of Decision or other legal act, i.e. from the expiration date before which it was necessary to act on the said request.

•        Applicant is entitled to file to the Commissioner an appeal rejecting his request as unclear not later than 15 days from the day of the delivery of the conclusion.

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